So you think you want a puppy? by Marla Nicoll

Adult dogs are at highest risk of dying in shelters, according to a three year study conducted by a Philadelphia area animal shelter. For mixed breed dogs, the risk of euthanasia increases with age. Puppies are hard to resist. You can't argue with cute. Cuteness aside, a dog who has a few years on him tends to make a better addition to the family.

Puppies require constant attention.

Puppies have a natural destructive chewing phase that is only cured by time.

Older dogs are  potty-trained.

What you see is what you get. You can only wonder what kind of dog an adorable puppy will grow up to be. When you select a dog with a few years on him, you will find fewer suprises. The true lifetime attitudes of your dog are already apparent.

As dogs age, they become more easily adaptable and eager to please.